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Najlepsza praca w III Konkursie Literackim Języka Angielskiego

Autor - Michał Rus z II LO w Gorzowie Wlkp.

(oryginalna wersja bez poprawek)





It was going to be another boring day in July; Black Mermaid with 30 men on-board was cutting ocean waves heading towards Forsaken Island.


We had more than 5 days of sailing left when Old John cried: 'Land, land!'. 'What the hell?!' I thought (and captain asked). We'd been crusing this way regularly for over 2 years and hadn't seen a sign of land. Nor was it on any map we had in our posession.


'Stop!' - it was clear that the captain was curious. 'Give me a boat, now!' Jack, John, Joe - you go with me', he ordered. Obviously, I was on the list...As always!

As soon as the boat hit the water something big began to emerge from beneath the surface. 'For gods' sake!', John cried, 'it's gonna kill us all!' But what a mistake it was to think so! The ugliest creature I've ever seen just swallowed our ship, our lovely Mermaid (along with the rest of the crew) leaving us alone in the middle of nowhere...


But we had a boat, the captain and an island on the horizon.


Paddling took us ca 1,5 h. The island turned to be some pirates' storage so we couldn't die of hunger/starvation here. It was going to be more than one boring day...



I'm leaving this message in the bottle...

help us! 17º33'E        22º1'S         


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